Three Omega-3’s

There is a lot of research that prove the positive impacts of Omega-3 fatty acids on our health and the health of our best friends. They support brain, vision, joint, heart and skin & coat health, just to name a few. Our chia is the only chia available that can deliver the benefits of EPA and DHA directly and efficiently. Our chia is fortified with three Omega 3’s (ALA, DHA & EPA) and delivers them in a form that is directly available to the body – no conversion required.

Wheat free, dairy free, soy free, corn free & chicken free

Unfortunately, due to processed foods and snacks, food allergies have become more and more common in our furry friends. Our products are made with minimal allergy risk recipes - corn free, dairy free, wheat free, soy free and chicken free!.

* If you are unsure, please consult your vet before feeding any new treat or food

Developed with care by our family of veterinarians and nutritionists

Droolers® are made with natural AAFCO and FDA approved ingredients with five delicious recipes that have been formulated by certified nutritionists. They are also the only treats that can offer a measurable per treat delivery of three Omega-3's!!


Some of our key ingredients:


Absolutely delicious and an abundant source of essential amino acids, essential vitamins, a rich natural source of minerals and unsaturated essential fatty acids


A low fat, high quality meat which is superior to all the farmed meats. It contains up to 5 times the amount of CLA than other red meats. CLA has been shown to support many body functions important to overall health and fitness. Kangaroo is also high in protein and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.


Delicious, easy to digest and excellent source of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and lean protein. All dogs can benefit from adding salmon to their diets


Backed by over 10-yrs of research, our proprietary chia is the only chia available with three Omega 3’s (ALA, DHA & EPA) in a bioavailable form that delivers the maximum nutritional benefit directly to your best friend without the need for a complicated conversion process. This ingredient is exclusive to our products providing your best friend with three Omega-3’s to help support their brain, joint, heart and vision health.